Assistance in tax disputes

Our Assistance in tax disputes include:

At current days tax authorities are more active in investigating and taking legal actions against companies. If the tax structures and mitigation processes employed by the company are more aggressive, the company can be easily involved in costly and time-consuming tax disputes.

We can help you effectively handle your tax dispute reducing your cost and saving your time without necessity distract your staff from key business responsibilities. We provide the technical skills of financial and tax specialists to help you develop solutions to your particular tax dispute throughout the tax dispute process, whether in an informal discussions or in litigation, mediation, or arbitration.

In case of tax investigations and informal discussions on potential tax liabilities we can assist you meeting with the tax authorities and discussing the issues in dispute and potential solutions for resolving them, helping with preparation of models to facilitate negotiation in complex cases, helping to agree on penalties and late payment interest, providing advice to ensure strong ongoing relationship between tax authorities and the company.

If the company is involved in litigation we can assist you drafting and submitting appeals, providing support and advice through the appeal process, representing your interests at the respective institutions.

We assist the client to achieve full compliance with the tax obligations with effectively managed tax cost and time.

Assistance in tax disputes
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