International Tax

Our International Tax services include:

Companies engaged in activities in more than one jurisdiction require international tax planning. It is not enough to evaluate separately each of its local operating environments. Tax is one of the most important factors because it has direct impact on business value. Our services in international tax area help companies addressing their cross-border needs, effectively managing their global tax rate and achieving their business goals in an efficient manner.

If company is expanding into new jurisdiction, manages finance function globally, manages cash flows in cross border operations, our team can advise on all aspects of international taxation including tax efficient group structure, holding company location, tax efficient financing vehicles and solutions for profit repatriation which would lead to increased tax efficiency from the group perspective.

Tax efficient planning of intangibles such as trade names, brands, know-how, copyright and goodwill ensures great benefits for the companies. We advise our clients on the structures to be employed for the most beneficial tax position, on the tax reliefs applied for intangibles, withholding tax and other related issues.

We also advise companies under fundamental changes in business models and supply changes as a result of mergers & acquisitions, expansions or other business restructurings. Tax concerns need to be addressed before any changes are made in the supply chain. Proper tax planning across the supply chain opens opportunities for cost savings, mitigates relevant tax risks and ensures that tax function is aligned with the business plan.

We also assist in other international tax related matters including double taxation situations, controlled foreign companies tax planning, operations through permanent establishment.

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