About us

TaxLink Baltic is an organization of young and ambitious experts providing all tax related business services in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. While focusing on the matters in local markets we are keen to offer our deep understanding of cross border issues as well. We serve local and international businesses that want to keep their competitive edge by successfully planned and managed tax strategies.

Innovative solutions and continuous improvement of the performance is our main challenge, which help us to offer our clients total support in their business matters. Our persistent investment of time and resources in professional continuing education, devotion to work and extensive business relations is indicative of our commitment to excellence.

Organization‘s most notable market strength is high level of technical expertise which is used to reduce our clients’ financial and tax risks as well as associated expenses. Clients can then concentrate their time and resources to their core business needs.

Our proficient tax knowledge is supported by good understanding of day to day business affairs. Consideration of key business drivers, complexities and limitations makes our advice even more accurate, beneficial and practical, thus creating additional value for companies. Together with general perception we are committed to knowing and fully understanding each client’s specific business, industry environment, and specifically tax concerns, with a focus on both immediate and long-term goals in an effort to provide close and personal attention to each customer.

We take pride in giving the assurance that the personal assistance clients receive comes from our sustained experience. Thanks to a team of professional consultants, led by a dynamic, innovative and client-oriented spirit TaxLink Baltic guarantees high quality services.