Indirect Tax

Our Indirect Tax services include:

Our advice in the indirect tax field can help your company increasing business value through efficient VAT planning including but not limited to reduced effective tax burden, maximized VAT recovery, improved cash-flows, better control over indirect tax, minimized risk exposure to additional tax.

As part of our services we perform assessment of company‘s position from indirect tax point of view in an effort to identify risk areas and advice how to minimize them. We also aim to identify opportunities for cash flow improvements and potential tax savings.

Cross-border VAT rules are complex and requiring specialist advice to ensure both compliance and tax efficiency. Failure to comply with international VAT rules may bring additional VAT costs, deprive companies from their right to recover input VAT and create risk of penalties. We perform detailed analysis and advice on how to structure international transactions to ensure that no additional VAT liabilities arise. We also advice on other issues which shall be considered while planning cash flows, profitability and other indicators of the expanded activities.

VAT implications can also emerge in the course of refinancing, mergers and acquisitions, disposals or restructurings. We assist in identifying most efficient solutions for each specific transaction under consideration.

We also support businesses subject to tax investigations or tax audits performed by the Tax Authorities, perform general reviews or advice on VAT returns.

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